We all have challenges in our lives, and most of us don’t have formal training on
how to respond. Brad Chapin discusses the why, what and how of self-regulation
and provides proven methods for increasing success in the face of challenge. He
reviews the set of skills necessary to help students maintain emotional control,
experience healthy social interactions and achieve academic success.

Training Modules:
Brad’s Introduction | Challenge | Behavior is a Skill Set | Defining Self-Regulation
| Internal and External | Safety | Foundations | Threat and Threat Response |
Physical Regulation Skill 1 | Physical Regulation Skill 2 | Emotional Regulation
Skill 1 | Emotional Regulation Skill 2 | Emotional Regulation Skill 3 | Cognitive
Regulation Skill 1 | Cognitive Regulation Skill 2 | Wrapping it Up

About the Instructor

Brad Chapin, M.S., LCP, LMLP is a masters level psychologist and the Director for Children’s Services at a regional mental health center. Brad has a passion for teaching parents and school professionals the importance of helping children develop healthy self-regulation skills. Brad believes that self-regulation is critical to addressing many of the problem areas children and families experience including ADHD, anger/behavior problems, academic issues, social/emotional problems, Autism Spectrum Disorders and anxiety/depression.