About Us

AccuTrain was created in 2012 with the exclusive mission of serving K-12 educators. Phil Price had served as President of Coastal Training Technologies, and the roots of AccuTrain grew out of the Coastal Schools organization that provided eLearning and video content for school staff.

In 2014 AccuTrain added on-site training and live events to its K-12 offerings by incorporating the Developmental Resources organization. Responsibility-Centered Discipline (RCD) started to gain widespread acceptance in schools across North America in the coming years, and in 2015 the first Innovative Schools Summit was launched.

In early 2020 AccuEd Connect was introduced as an improved system for providing online professional development to teachers and administrators. Against the backdrop of Covid school shutdowns, Zoom seminars and conferences became the norm, and AccuEd Connect began to grow. In 2021 AccuEd.com was launched as a direct-to-educator platform for offering high-quality, master-class-style courses from education thought leaders.

In 2023 AccuTrain acquired YouthLight, which adds more than 350 books, eLearning courses and other resources primarily focused on social-emotional learning topics.

Today AccuTrain offers six Innovative Schools Summits to thousands of educators from throughout North America and around the world — providing insightful, inspiring and often entertaining professional development experiences featuring the greatest minds in education. Some of those thought leaders are also featured on the AccuEd and AccuEd Connect platforms that serve thousands more educators with engaging online content. School counselors and teachers utilize YouthLight books and content to build social-emotional skills. And thousands of educators are trained in-person each year on critical topics like Responsibility-Centered DisciplineSelf-Regulation and Emotionally Inclusive Practices.

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