Building Transformational Classrooms Through a Better Together Mindset

Strategies for developing culture, systems and leadership

The vision of any school likely commits to serving “all kids.”  But the reality of our current climate of distraction, disruption and marginalization often prohibits the realization of this vision.  This on-site training examines the biology of pre-adolescent and adolescent brains, the latest research behind Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and the Trauma-Impacted Learner – as well as the biases and prejudices that hinder our ability to work better together.

Dr. Tom Maglisceau, who has served as a teacher, coach, principal and now superintendent in the Dallas area, will help attendees develop a path forward for building resilience.  He will also provide high-yield strategies for building the culture, systems and leadership necessary to enhance relational capacity and resilience in our kids – both in individual classrooms and schoolwide.

Learning Objectives

  • Updating our latest understanding of pre-adolescent and adolescent brain development – especially as it relates to: Learning, Motivation, and “Grit”
  • Examine the disruption of marginalization and whether “all” really means all
  • Understand the impact of social media and social contagion on our communities
  • Discover the three key components of a restorative response
  • Explore how to build classroom and school-wide systems of support to generate positive social capital – creating bonds and bridging differences
  • Develop the “Better Together” mindset


Help students overcome distraction, disruption and marginalization.

Learn how to implement a trauma-informed approach and build resilience in students.

What Attendees Have to Say

"The information was great and completely applies to me as a School Counselor. Understanding how the male and female brains work, including hormonal differences, will make a huge difference for me!"
School Counselor
Seattle, WA
"I can use everything I learned today instantly in the classroom. It was very interesting to learn about the differences of the male and female brain."
High School Teacher
Sacramento, CA
"The presenter was so engaging and informative. There are so many practical takeaways that I can immediately use in the classroom."
Middle School Teacher
Atlanta, GA
"The presenter's insights about social media were spot on. The brain research on differences between male and female brains was very helpful."
High School Counselor
New Orleans, LA




Tom Maglisceau-AccuTrain
Tom Maglisceau, Ph.D.

*In case of an emergency, another qualified presenter will substitute

Tom Maglisceau is the proud Superintendent of the Celina Independent School District in the Dallas Metroplex. He served previously as a teacher, coach, principal and assistant superintendent in the Highland Park, Dallas and Rockwall districts in Texas. He earned his doctorate in Public Policy and Public Affairs after completing his research on social capital as it relates to family structure and childhood outcomes. Dr. Maglisceau continues his research in the areas of neuroplasticity of the adolescent brain, adverse childhood experiences and adolescence in the age of abundance for presentations in schools and conferences throughout Texas and across the nation. In addition to his work in public education, he serves as a Key Implementer and national professional developer for AVID. Dr. Maglisceau co-founded Together Texas, an organization dedicated to championing the “Better Together Mindset” in schools and communities.

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