Lead Where You Stand Using Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Access (I.D.E.A.) in Post-Covid-19 Schools

Embracing diversity and perseverance

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access don’t happen with a new course on race and diversity. Social Justice happens when the voice of the people in the community is honored and embedded into the fabric of what you do.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand structures that can create equity through access
  • Identify ways to celebrate student diversity
  • Explore moving school culture to embrace and celebrate perseverance


Lead Where You Stand On-Site Training

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Create an inclusive, equitable school culture that celebrates student differences.

What Attendees Have to Say

"The information was great and completely applies to me as a School Counselor. Understanding how the male and female brains work, including hormonal differences, will make a huge difference for me!"
School Counselor
Seattle, WA
"I can use everything I learned today instantly in the classroom. It was very interesting to learn about the differences of the male and female brain."
High School Teacher
Sacramento, CA
"The presenter was so engaging and informative. There are so many practical takeaways that I can immediately use in the classroom."
Middle School Teacher
Atlanta, GA
"The presenter's insights about social media were spot on. The brain research on differences between male and female brains was very helpful."
High School Counselor
New Orleans, LA




Ronaold Gonzalez-AccuTrain
Ronald Gonzalez, Ed.D.

*In case of an emergency, another qualified presenter will substitute

Dr. Ronald Gonzalez is the Superintendent of Schools for the Elmsford Union Free School District – a student-focused district working towards an Informed Smart Goal titled “Comm-unity.” Dr. Gonzalez served as Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction and Equity for the Public Schools of the Tarrytowns, and he also led transformation efforts at Mount Vernon High School for 11 years. His visionary leadership resulted in improved student performance and stronger stability for staff. Dr. Gonzalez has been recognized by his peers across New York State with 2 Westchester County Legislative Proclamations naming “Ronald Gonzalez Day,” and he was named 2016 NYS Administrator of the Year for Region 2 – RASA. He is also the recipient of several city citations, city council resolutions and New York State Assembly recognitions. Understanding the need for schools to leverage change, Dr. Gonzalez launched and serves as President and CEO for Lead Where You Stand Corporation, a mentoring and leadership development consulting group. He recognizes the power of collaboration and endorses both empowerment and accountability – equally and emphatically.

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