Responsibility-Centered Discipline

Helping schools build systems that help kids learn to take responsibility for their behaviors, and thus, create an environment that brings out the best in everyone.


Reduction in Discipline Referrals in Year 1

Columbus, OH


Reduction in In School Suspensions by Year 2

Corning, NY


Reduction in Office Referrals by Year 2

Campbell County, KY


Reduction in Lunch Detentions by Year 5

Mound City, KS


Over the past decade, the Responsibility-Centered Discipline program has produced remarkable results as it has been implemented across North America. To be certain, RCD schools have seen significant decreases in office referrals, detentions and suspensions. But RCD schools have also moved away from an obedience-based model to a model that is centered on students taking responsibility for their own behavior as well as their own academic success.

As schools drive toward improving academic results, educators have become far more purposeful in enhancing curriculum, refining assessment and enriching instruction. But without improving classroom management, all of these other efforts will ultimately fall short of expectations.

Educators understand that behavior and effort are often impacted by the relationships they have built with students. When emotions escalate, those relationships are tested — and often damaged. Responsibility- Centered Discipline helps educators to be prepared when situations come to a boil. By empowering educators to become masters of challenging moments, RCD schools typically see a significant improvement not only in behavior management but also in school climate, student and teacher satisfaction – and ultimately academic success.

Some of the School Systems we have worked with

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