Meet The Experts

Transform School Culture and Improve Academic Outcomes with Insights from K-12 Thought Leaders

Bringing the experts in education to your professional development program can have a tremendous impact on the growth and success of your staff -- and the culture of your school. AccuTrain proudly serves K-12 educators by offering PD experiences that showcase some of the greatest minds in education. Whether your teachers and administrators attend the Innovative Schools Summit, participate in an on-site workshop or tap into a wealth of online training resources, they’ll gain insights into best practices, emerging trends and practical tips and tools that they can apply immediately in their classrooms and schools.


John Almarode

Bestselling Author, Expert on the Science of Learning, Director of Teaching & Learning at James Madison University

Hotep Benzo

Education Success Strategist & Creator of MAKE A WAY Program

Michele Borba

Best-Selling Author, Parenting & Child Expert, Educational Psychologist

Steve Bollar

Educational Thought Leader, Master Motivator, Author of Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

Brad Chapin

Popular Author, Leading Authority on Self-Regulation

Barbara Coloroso

International speaker, Best-selling Author of Kids are worth it! and The Bully, the Bullied & the Not-So-Innocent Bystander

Joseph Cope

Master Certified Trainer for Responsibility-Centered Discipline

Brian Dinkins

Expert on Social-Emotional Learning, Creator of Emotionally Inclusive Practices

David Flink

Founder of Eye to Eye, Leader of the Learning Rights Movement, Author of Thinking Differently

Ronald Gonzalez

Distinguished Administrator, International Speaker, Transformational Leader, Executive Mentor & Lead Evaluator/Coach

Michael Gurian

Bestselling Author of 32 books including Boys & Girls Learn Differently

Kim Johancen

Specialist in Suicide/Self-Injury & Author of Traumatized Students: School-Based Interventions

Robert Jackson

International Speaker, Publisher, Award-Winning Author of Becoming the Educator They Need: Strategies for Supporting Male Black & Latino Students

Steph Jensen

International Speaker, Award-Winning Author & Consultant on Social-Emotional Learning

Consuelo Kickbusch

Community Leader, Retired U.S. Army Officer Who Grew Up in a South Texas Barrio

Baruti Kafele

School Turnaround Specialist, Author of Closing the Attitude Gap and The Principal 50

Tom Maglisceau

National Speaker, Expert on Social Capital, Superintendent of Dallas-area District

Tracie Berry-McGhee

Popular Speaker, Author, Counselor, Leader of "I Define Me" Movement

William Noel

National Education Consultant, Director of Student Support & Discipline Review for a Large Metro District

Pedro Noguera

Dean of USC Rossier School of Education, Bestselling Author, Expert on the Impact of Society & Culture on Schools

Mike Paget

International Speaker, Consultant, Author of Defying the Defiance

Eli Shapiro

Creator of Digital Citizenship Project, School Social Worker, Director of Educational Initiatives

Jessica Sinarski

National Education Consultant, Director of Student Support & Discipline Review for a Large Metro District

Horacio Sanchez

Student Resilience Expert & Authority on Emotional Disorders

Larry Thompson

Supportive Discipline Innovator, Creator of Responsibility-Centered Discipline

Aaron Wiemeier

Author of Traumatized Students: School-Based Interventions, Former Dean, Founder of High Mountain Counseling Institute