Emotional Intelligence


Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand, manage and use your emotions
in a pro-active and positive way to build, maintain and repair relationships. In
this master class, Dr. Brian Dinkins discusses the four emotional intelligence
competencies and shares strategies for teachers so they can manage stress,
communicate effectively and support the emotional needs of students.

Training Modules:
Introduction | Emotionally Inclusive Practices | The Importance of Emotional
Intelligence | Self-Awareness | Self-Management | Social Awareness | Relationship
Management | Emotionally Inclusive Classroom | Restorative Classroom | Conclusion | Bonus: Self-Care

About the Instructor

Dr. Brian Dinkins is the creator of Emotionally-Inclusive Practices, a motivational speaker and the CEO for the Center for Empowering Education, an organization that provides parents and students in disenfranchised communities with training,mentoring and advocacy to increase access to college and careers. He completed his Doctorate in Educational Leadership at Ball State University. Brian has served as a teacher, coach and principal in urban settings at a traditional public school, two charter schools and at a faith-based school. He is an assistant professor and the Director of Experiential Program for Preparing
School Principals at Butler University.