Engaging the Traumatized Student


Teachers and administrators across the country are being faced with a challenge never seen before: attempting to educate students who are presenting with ever increasing mental health difficulties that interfere with learning. In this course, Aaron Wiemeier provides a foundational understanding of trauma and equips educators with skills, confidence and unique ideas to reach this challenging population of students.

Training Modules:
Introduction | What is Trauma: Dispelling the Myth | The Hidden Trauma in Schools
— The 4 Questions | Trauma Memory | Developmental & Secondary Trauma Part
1 | Developmental & Secondary Trauma Part 2 | The Relativity of Trauma | Hope for
the Severely Traumatized Students | Healing Trauma | Attachment & Trauma: Giving
Students What They Need | Getting Below the Surface to Effect Change | I Need Check
List | Practical School-Wide Changes to Reduce Trauma Behaviors | Radical Educational
Changes to Address the Cycle of Trauma | Trauma Resilience: Building EQ the Right Way
| Closing | Bonus: Self-Sabotage & Trauma

About the Instructor

Aaron Wiemeier, M.S., LPC is a licensed professional counselor and a nationally recognized author, trainer and educator. He is an expert in the neurophysiology of trauma, attachment and adoption and has worked successfully with the most difficult of clients and with the most chaotic and conflictual systems. A former Dean of Students at Littleton Preparatory Charter School, Aaron pioneered the development of curriculum and programming that integrates education with the ever-increasing mental health needs that plague public schools.