RCD Jump Start


This course introduces teachers and administrators to Responsibility-Centered Discipline™ (RCD™), which has helped thousands of educators across North America replace traditional discipline methods with a model that creates a culture of responsibility. RCD helps students internalize behavioral growth by strengthening the “muscle” of self-control. By focusing on what students can do themselves versus what educators can get them to do, students become responsible for their own behavior.

  • Introduction to Responsibility Centered Discipline
  • Building skills to foster long-term change
  • Moving away from rules
  • Roadmap to responsibility
  • Developing a class management plan
  • Self-reflection
  • Power of the pause and the positive


About the Presenter

Author of Roadmap to Responsibility and Give ‘em Five, Larry Thompson, M.Ed., is often called upon to deliver keynote presentations for state and national education conferences because of his knowledge, humor and passion for assisting today’s students. He has helped thousands of educators and schools throughout North America break away from their traditional discipline models to a model that creates a responsible climate and responsible students. Larry has served in a wide variety of roles in education – from special education teacher to alternative and traditional high school principal. As creator of the Responsibility-Centered Discipline program, Larry understands that systems must be created that can be realistically implemented and sustained.