Student Ownership & Control Accelerate Learning

Students want to feel ownership and control of their learning, according to the American Institutes for Research. Among the findings: 

Students who believe their knowledge increases over time produce better IQ test results. 

A growth mindset is important to master content. Mastery of content is preferred to studying for a test score or course grade. 

Mastery-focused goals help students absorb information with more depth and organization. 

These skills and behaviors correlate with higher education and career outcomes. 

Taking ownership of personal learning and future goals requires skill and a willful intent. 

High-quality motivation – a willingness to take ownership of personal learning — is best achieved when basic psychological are satisfied. These include autonomy, mastery, and relatedness. 

Motivation to take ownership of learning requires metacognitive skills such as the ability to plan, monitor, evaluate, and make changes to behaviors to effectively confront challenges. 

CoSN 2023 Hurdles and Accelerators report 

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