School Staffing Shortages Creating Bigger Class Sizes

School Staffing Shortages Creating Bigger Class Sizes

Administrators are being pushed to increase class sizes due to teacher vacancies, according to data recently released by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), according to a report in Education Slice.

School leaders rely on other strategies, too, for handling shortages. About 40% say they used their teachers and staff to perform duties outside of their intended role, while 24% share teachers and staff with other schools.

The shortages have other effects on school life: disruptions in student transportation; fewer extracurricular activities; and reduced student services.

Overall, one in five schools say they have multiple teacher vacancies, a problem that especially affects large schools, those in high poverty neighborhoods, and those with enrollments primarily of students of color.

The data reflects improvements compared with a year earlier, but also underlines how fallout from the pandemic continues. NCES Commissioner Peggy Carr said in a statement that it “does signal progress,” while also expressing concern about the large share of students behind academically.

Education Slice

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