Potential: Educating, Activating and Motivating Black and Latino Male Students


In this new master class, award-winning author and international speaker Robert Jackson explains the importance of caring adults’ influence in the success of black and Latino students. He discusses factors such as trauma, unconscious bias and mental health that impact a student’s educational experience. Robert details the four needs of every child and how educators can help address them, and he shares how positive words have the power to propel students towards success and greatness.

Training Modules:
Introduction | Every Child | Defining Trauma | 4 Needs | Power of Words | Emotional Intelligence | Toxic Masculinity | Factors | 6 Core Values | Restorative Practices | Conclusion | Self-Care

About the Instructor

An award-winning author, national speaker and consultant, Robert Jackson works to reverse the dropout rates of black and Latino males and to create positive change in school systems across the country and abroad. His goal is to bridge the gap between teachers, parents, administrators and students. Among his awards, Robert was awarded the Key to the City of Miami after his keynote address at the 5000 Role Models Scholarship Program where 45 black and Latino males received both a laptop computer and a full scholarship to any Florida university.