Michigan Schools Help Build Awareness for Cardiac Arrest Emergencies

Michigan Schools Help Build Awareness for Cardiac Arrest Emergencies

“For them to have the necessary training, seconds save lives,” Scott Lasby told WILX News 10.

Time that Scott Lasby hoped for when his son Skylar went into cardiac arrest in 2019.

“If anybody knew the drills, the procedure to do this, it means a difference between life and death,” said Lasby.

Lasby says while first responders acted quickly, he lost his son on the football field at just 12 years old. Skylar had a genetic disorder which Lasby says wouldn’t have been detected.

Now he is encouraging all schools to become designated MI HEARTSafe Schools and be better prepared for cardiac emergencies.

The state has awarded 256 schools the MI HEARTSafe designation. As a MI HEARTSafe School, staff and coaches will be better prepared for everybody and anybody.

“These deaths are a tremendous loss, and not only for families, but also for entire communities and many of these deaths can be prevented through screening, detection and treatment,” said Dr. Natasha Bagdasarian.

Natasha Bagdasarian is the Chief Medical Executive for the state of Michigan. She says with proper training, staff can now recognize the signs and respond quickly.

“When the right tools, training and resources are in place to respond to an emergency, there is a much better chance that we can save lives,” said Bagdasarian.

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