Instigating Hope: Supporting Young Learners with Trauma


Uncover the impact of trauma on elementary students’ behavior and learn how to cultivate hope. In this master class, educator and trauma expert Jessica Sinarski will help you understand what’s happening with your young learners and develop the skills you need to handle trauma and big behaviors. She shares actionable strategies so you can transform your approach, lead with compassion and become a changemaker in education.

Training Modules:
Introduction | Brain in Hand | X-Ray | Sensational Senses | Building Blocks | Safe & Secure | Stress Management | Self Regulation | Key 1 – Become a Brain Builder | Key 2 – Get the Senses Involved | Key 3 – Play and Be Playful | Key 4 – Be Curious | Key 5 – Create a Culture of Safety | Key 6 – Share the Power | Key 7 – Lead with Compassion | Conclusion

About the Instructor

Jessica Sinarski, LPCMH is a clinical supervisor, consultant, author and educator, who is a thought leader in connecting neuroscience with practice in adult-child relationships. Jessica has trained thousands of parents and professionals across the country and maintains a private practice in Delaware, incorporating neurofeedback and attachment-based therapeutic models. Jessica founded BraveBrains to help others experience the hope and healing that is possible with a deeper understanding of the brain. She has created a framework, based on the concepts introduced in her children’s book, Riley the Brave, that is improving outcomes for those affected by adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and trauma. Jessica is a therapist and clinical supervisor at A Better Chance for Our Children in Delaware and serves on the board of directors at Cardinal McCloskey Community Services in New York.