Think Like a Girl


In the new Think Like a Girl master class, bestselling author, counselor and gender
expert Dr. Michael Gurian shares new research in girls’ brain development and
how nature, nurture and culture all work together. Dr. Gurian discusses differences
between girl brains and boy brains – and how to develop girls’ leadership potential
by teaching resilience, fostering confidence and embracing their unique traits.

Training Modules:
Introduction | Nature of Girls | The Amazing Minds of Girls | Girl’s Genetic Science
Girl Drama | A Hidden Crisis | Girl Grit | Teaching the Way Girls

About the Instructor

Dr. Michael Gurian is a marriage and family counselor in private practice and the New York Times bestselling author of 32 books published in 22 languages – including Boys and Girls Learn Differently, The Minds of Boys, The Wonder of Girls and Saving Our Sons. As a social philosopher, he has pioneered efforts to bring neuro-biology and brain research into homes, schools, corporations and public policy. The Gurian Institute, which he co-founded, conducts research, launches pilot programs and trains professionals throughout the world. One of the world’s foremost gender experts, Michael has spoken for the United Nations on violence against women; provided information on boys’ and girls’ educational needs to the White House; and briefed members of Congress on the boy crisis in America.