Lost Boys


Boys are more likely to drop out of school and get lost along the path to career achievement in today’s knowledge economy. Teacher bias regarding behavior penalizes boys as early as kindergarten. Steph Jensen explores the structural, chemical and processing differences between boys’ and girls’ brains and
discusses strategies to help boys achieve their highest academic potential.

Training Modules:
Introduction | Then and Now | Neurostructural Engineer | Nature, Nurture,
Neighborhood | Processing | Dopamine | Estrogen and Testosterone | Cortisol
| Structure | Blood Flow | Internet Disconnect

About the Instructor

Steph Jensen, M.S., LPC is an award-winning author and international speaker recognized for her insight and understanding of relational aggression. She combines 15 years of practice in the fields of education and counseling with research, practical strategies and humor to address challenging behaviors and build positive relationships with kids. She has held positions as classroom teacher, education consultant and international speaker. She holds a master’s degree in clinical counseling, focusing her efforts on adolescent and family issues. In recent years, Steph has applied her passion for adolescents to focus on
the dynamics of relational aggression, social-emotional learning and positive behavior interventions.