Bully. Bullied. Bystander.


Join Barbara Coloroso, international speaker and bestselling author of kids are worth it! and The Bully, the Bullied & the Not-So-Innocent Bystander, as she discusses verbal, physical, relational and cyberbullying violence and its effect on an entire school community. In this new master class, Barbara details the tools and strategies educators can use to break the cycle of violence and enact positive change in their learning communities.

Training Modules:
Introduction | What Bullying Is | 4 Ways, 3 Means | Bullying Circle | Four Reasons | Teasing & Taunting | Targeted Youth | Do’s & Don’ts | Antidotes | Parents | Policies, Procedures and Programs | Deep Caring | More Rules | Tying it Together

About the Instructor

Barbara Coloroso is a New York Times bestelling author and an internationally recognized speaker and consultant on social- emotional learning, teaching, discipline, school climate, bullying, nonviolent conflict resolution, restorative justice and parenting. She has appeared on Oprah, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, and NPR and has been featured in Time, U.S. News & World ReportNewsweek and other national and international publications.