Anonymous Reporting Does Prevent School Shootings

Anonymous Reporting Does Prevent School Shootings

Anonymous reporting systems used by schoolchildren to report concerning behavior among their peers has resulted in the prevention of numerous instances of suicide, school violence and planned attacks, according to a new study, as reported in Education Slice.

Researchers studied date from the Say Something Anonymous Reporting System, operated by the violence prevention group Sandy Hook Promise. In a review of tips submitted from 2019 to 2023 in one southeastern state,  the researchers found that the anonymous reporting system enabled 1,039 confirmed mental health interventions, 109 “saves,” whereby clear evidence of imminent suicide crisis was present and averted, prevented 38 acts of school violence including weapons recovered on school grounds, and averted six confirmed planned school attacks.

Nearly 10% of tips received were related to firearms, which researchers noted are the leading cause of death among children and adolescents. 

“The urgency of firearm-related tips highlights the need to educate families on firearm violence prevention and ensure support and response protocols for school systems,” the authors said, stressing the importance of greater awareness of anonymous reporting programs by public health and medical professionals.

Education Slice

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