Webinar 5/24: Social Emotional Learning: Understanding the 5 Core Competencies


How can you teach the non-academic elements that drive student success?

“In today’s assessment-driven culture, we often forget that there are non-academic elements that significantly impact students’ ability to thrive,” says Shea Quraishi. “When I began teaching, I had a degree in psychology with a focus on child development, but little idea of how that applied to the classroom. Only through a great deal of study – and even more trial and error – did I realize that teaching students how to manage their emotions and how to forge successful relationships could be systematic, purposeful and driven by research.”

During this 90-minute interactive webinar, Shea Quraishi will discuss how educators can integrate Social Emotional Learning throughout their curriculums during the coming year – so that SEL becomes a lens through which educators and students see everything else.

Join Shea for a “deep-dive” into Social Emotional Learning, including key components and critical elements for success. She will discuss 5 SEL competencies – putting them in context of classroom, school and community. She will also explore how SEL – as a foundation for school culture — benefits all students and is proven to be especially beneficial to students who have experienced, or are experiencing, poverty, adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), trauma and loss.

Learn to evaluate outcomes of implementing a SEL curriculum and use parent, teacher and student focus groups to see what perceptions are of SEL programming.


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