Transforming In-School Suspension Rooms into Student Support Centers: Dr. Susan Coleman

As policies trend toward reducing or eliminating exclusionary discipline methods, many districts are embracing alternative discipline strategies that address root causes of misbehavior.  Dr. Susan Coleman advocates for creative, tailored solutions to meet students’ needs in order to maximize classroom presence.

Watch Dr. Susan Coleman make the case for phasing out In-School Suspension in favor of Student Support Centers.

Dr. Susan Coleman currently serves as the Assistant Superintendent of Student Services in Lake Zurich, Illinois. In addition, Dr. Coleman has served on the Illinois State Leadership Team for Disproportionality and School Discipline. She is an author and has been published in peer-reviewed journals and provides professional development training to school districts. She will present a pre-conference session entitled How to Walk the Talk: The Journey to Improving School Climate & Student Engagement through Social-Emotional Learning in Orlando. 

Now in its 8th year, the School Discipline Conference is a must-attend gathering for principals, deans, teachers and counselors focused on improving academic performance by applying the most current innovations and research to behavior intervention and classroom management. Special focus is given to supportive, non-exclusionary disciplinary practices.

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