Training Future Teachers to Be Computing Education Champs

Training Future Teachers to Be Computing Education Champs

A new program at the City University of New York, the Computing Integrated Teacher Education (CITE) program, launched with funding from the Robin Hood Learning + Technology Fund, Google, Gotham Gives and NYC Public Schools, trains future teachers to use computing concepts in a broad range of subjects, from social studies to science, and at every grade level, as reported byThe74.

CITE engages CUNY faculty to build computing and digital literacy into required education courses and student teaching practice. This initiative is a year-round effort to help CUNY’s education faculty develop the skills needed to train future teachers in equitable, culturally relevant computing pedagogy.

CITE also supports faculty research on topics ranging from integrating computing concepts into early-childhood education to building digital literacy curricula for special education teachers.

The long-term benefits of building an educated, computationally fluent workforce are clear. Since 2010, New York City’s tech sector has added 114,000 middle- and high-wage jobs, growing by 142 percent — more than seven times faster than the city’s economy overall.


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