Tracie Berry-McGhee: Keepers vs. Cliques

Keynote Presenter Tracie Berry-McGhee says girls often join two very different kinds of groups – cliques and “keepers” — and these groups function quite differently.

Founder of the SistaKeeper Empowerment Center, Tracie is also the author of SistaKeeper Poetry for the Soul, I’m a Keeper and OWN your NOW. She will present a keynote session entitled Girl Drama: Best Practices to Help Educators Reduce Relational Aggression, Cyberbullying & Emotional Violence at the Girl Bullying & Empowerment Conference in Orlando. She will also keynote in Atlanta.

Now in its 12th year, the Girl Bullying & Empowerment Conference – which is part of the Innovative Schools Summit – has raised awareness of the unique nature of female relationships and provided solutions for relational aggression among girls. This conference helps educators understand the latest research, while learning about field-tested strategies designed to build positive, supportive relationships among girls. REGISTER NOW!


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