Teletherapy Gains Traction in California Schools

Teletherapy Gains Traction in California Schools

Teletherapy is becoming increasingly popular in schools across the nation as educators and social workers strive to address growing mental health issues, according to a report in Education Slice.

Los Angeles County has partnered with Hazel, a teletherapy company, to provide virtual therapy sessions to students. However, the rollout has faced challenges, with only 607 students participating thus far.

Still, teletherapy is seen as an important tool to meet mental health concerns. Other companies, such as Daybreak Health, Brightline, and others are also vying for a share of the youth mental health market. California has chosen Brightline and Kooth for a statewide initiative on virtual youth behavioral services.

Some school districts have opted not to offer teletherapy services due to data-sharing concerns.

Education Slice

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