Intentional Self-Regulation Skills for Managing Stress and Building Resilience

The COVID-19 pandemic negatively affected the physical and mental health of many individuals.  Personally and professionally, individuals are experiencing toxic levels of stress due to the following: 


  • High levels of physical and emotional threat for an extended period of time
  • Needs exceeding existing coping resources
  • Trauma exposure
  • Isolation
  • Loss and grief
  • Burnout & moral injury

Seminar Overview

These experiences have a profound impact on job performance, our health and relationships. Additionally, even if the physical threat of the illness subsides, the emotional impact of the pandemic is likely to linger.  Most individuals are managing significant and unprecedented challenges without the benefit of formal training or the skills to manage effectively. However, individuals can benefit from developing advanced regulation skills and resiliency.  


Resilience refers to how well an individual, or system, can bounce back, or even grow, in response to challenges.  Resilient people tend to be more balanced, maintain a healthier outlook and cope with stress more effectively.  



Learning Objectives 

Participants will gain clarity by moving beyond vague advice on how to manage challenge to developing a clear, practical skill set.  This will increase the participant’s ability to navigate challenges more successfully.  Participants will grow and leave with a personal plan with emphasis in three areas of skill development:


  1. Physical Regulation – A clear awareness of physical warning signs and master effective ways to promote a sense of emotional safety 
  2. Emotional Regulation – Identification, healthy expression, and empowering ownership of emotions
  3. Cognitive Regulation – Identify and challenge unhealthy thinking patterns, encourage optimism, and how to get psychological needs met in healthy ways


The recommended setting for this program is in-person using a classroom setting or large conference space.  The program is a combination of teaching concepts, individual practice and small group work.  The breakout sessions allow participants to practice skills development in a small group setting.   


  • Includes skills for recovery and resilience
  • Full-day workshop allows for deeper understanding, skill development, and application
  • Prepares the individual with skills to apply in their own situations and also to be a resources for their team 


Seminar Information

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How Nature and Nurture Influence Girl Drama, Relational Aggression & Bullying

  • Research Implications from Brain Research
  • Gender Identity, Socialization and Parenting
  • Current Trends & Practices to Promote Self-Awareness and Support Healthy Identity Development

The Impact of Social Networking & Technology on RA

  • Current Social Media Sites and Implications
  • Social Media Case Studies and Interventions

Prevention Strategies for Schools

  • How a Trauma-informed Approach Can Prevent RA Behaviors in Schools
  • Trauma-informed Supports for Victims and Perpetrators of RA
  • Wellness Wheel: 5 Dimensions of Wellness
12:00-1:00Lunch (On Your Own)

RA and Mental Health

  • Common Mental Health Diagnoses Associated with RA
  • Identify Connections and Risk Factors between RA and Girls’ Mental Health
  • Internalizing vs. Externalizing Disorders: Depression and Anxiety
  • Self-Injury and Suicide Ideation

Individual & Group Strategies to Address RA

  • Mindfulness and Resiliency Activities
  • Next Steps to Success: Initiating Your Action Plan
3:45-4:15Networking Group Discussion
(Optional Attendance)

– Classroom Teachers
– Principals
– Special Education Personnel
– School Counselors & Psychologists
– Other Administrators
– Social Workers (all levels)
– Law Enforcement/SRO
– Counselors & Therapists in Agencies & Private Practice
– Media Specialists

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“The information was great and completely applies to me as a School Counselor. Understanding how the male and female brains work, including hormonal differences, will make a huge difference for me!”
School Counselor
Seattle, WA
“I can use everything I learned today instantly in the classroom. It was very interesting to learn about the differences of the male and female brain.”
High School Teacher
Sacramento, CA
“The presenter was so engaging and informative. There are so many practical takeaways that I can immediately use in the classroom.”
Middle School Teacher
Atlanta, GA
“The presenter’s insights about social media were spot on. The brain research on differences between male and female brains was very helpful.”
High School Counselor
New Orleans, LA

Certificates of Completion for this seminar, which indicate 6 contact hours of Continuing Education, will be available at the end of the seminar upon completion of a course evaluation. In many cases, depending on your Profession and Jurisdiction, this Certificate of Completion is sufficient for tracking your Continuing Education and Professional Development efforts. We suggest that you contact your local Board or Governing Agency to see exactly what steps are necessary for approval in your particular discipline. Please note that Developmental Resources is also an approved Provider for the following National and Regional Accrediting Agencies.

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Brad Chapin, LCP, LMLP

Brad Chapin, LCP, LMLP

*In case of an emergency, another qualified presenter will substitute

A leading authority on Self-Regulation, Brad Chapin, LCP, LMLP is a masters level psychologist with a  passion for helping others learn the skills necessary for success and happiness. He is a best-selling author and nationally-recognized speaker in the area of Self-Regulation. He has served as the Director of Child and Adult Community Services for a large community mental health center where he supervised 65 mental health field staff. Currently, Brad is the Director of Clinical Services for Stormont-Vail Behavioral Health Services.


Brad created the Self-Regulation Training System from a practical, research-based from foundation. His strategies have helped thousands of people develop skills necessary for success in job and academic performance, relationship and overall wellness.


Brad’s first book, Helping Young People Learn Self-Regulation, is in its second printing. He has since published Helping Teens Learn Self-Regulation and The Legend of the Regulators and the SECRET List as well as several additional resources for helping students learn Self-Regulation skills.



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