WebRemix™: Measuring Social-Emotional Learning - Best Practices to Analyze Mastery of Soft Skills





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Research continues to show that mastery of social-emotional skills is critical for academic and workplace success.  One large study showed that implementing an SEL Curriculum increased academic performance by 11 percentile points. And a 2019 survey of HR professionals found that they considered soft skills equally or more important for hiring than specific, task-oriented hard skills. 

But, once an SEL program has been implemented, how can progress be measured? Join author Anthony Pearson, LPC – a school counselor in Marietta, GA – for this 90-minute webinar to gain a high-level view of various measurement tools. Viewers will gain an understanding of how to use self-reporting, observations from others, behavioral documentation and academic data points. He reveals how becoming intentional about measuring these skills can become a core part of the SEL curriculum – so your school’s practice can make the most impact on students.

Learning Objectives:

» Understand the connection between SEL and academic achievement

» Explore methods for measuring attitudes, skills and knowledge

» Discover examples of effective SEL measuring tools

» Work through an illustration of school-wide archaeology data gathering and how to use that data


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