Positive Behavior Supports with Students Who Are Wired Differently Webinar

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Webinar September 13th: Watch Live or at Your Convenience!

Disorganization, irritability, intense moods, emotional escalation, anxiety, perfectionism: these are some of the Top 10 Challenges faced by students who are “Wired Differently” – and by their teachers. Supporting the increasing number of students (now estimated at 1 in 5) with emotional and behavioral challenges requires an array of practices beyond traditional discipline practices.

During this 90-minute AccuTrain webinar, author and nationally known behavioral consultant Mike Paget will provide an overview of some of the emotional and behavioral challenges confronting these neuro-diverse students.

Increasingly, teachers, counselors, administrators and other educators are realizing that success for these students demands an emphasis on prevention, positive skill-building and other practical supports (including practices at the universal, secondary and tertiary levels) – and that these supports actually improve the behavior of all students. Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports (PBIS) is one of the more prominent practices, but whether or not your school has implemented PBIS, this webinar will give helpful insights into the unique characteristics of these students and provide lots of practical supports that will help all students – but particularly those who are “Wired Differently.”


  • Discover the importance of adult attitudes & behaviors when using positive behavior supports
  • Learn what is meant by student mental wellness and what it means to be “Wired Differently”
  • Explore the meaning of primary, secondary and tertiary positive behavior plans and how each level  is best employed with the various mental/emotional/behavioral concerns in your classroom
  • Understand the 8 elements of successful classroom management
  • Discover tools to help teach social skills to students who are “Wired Differently” within the paradigm of positive behavior supports
  • Understand the importance of collaboration between families, schools and community resources


  • Social Workers
  • Special Education Personnel
  • Student Services Personnel
  • Teachers
  • Administrators
  • Counselors
  • Paraprofessionals
  • Support Staff


Mike currently works as a consultant to schools throughout North America to help them better teach challenging students. As a state consultant for students with severe emotional and behavioral problems, he worked with ODD, CD and other special needs students for more than 25 years. Mike is an innovator of effective approaches for working with extremely challenging students and has conducted seminars across the U.S. and Canada on creative techniques for managing classroom behavior, student aggression and crisis intervention. He is co-author of Aggressive and Violent Students and Defying the Defiance. His newest book is High on the Spectrum: Asperger’s, High-Functioning Autism & Related Personalities.




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