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Pilot Program

Our robust new eLearning Platform, delivers fresh, brief-but-thorough courses for educators. 

Would you consider being one of 50 schools to participate in an introductory Pilot Program for our AccuTrain Connect eLearning Platform?

Your training will be fully documented, and the virtual delivery eases constraints on time and travel for both you and your staff.  Each course is broken into 5 or more modules and features video footage, graphics, embedded questions, and a comprehensive quiz at the end

How does the Pilot Program Work?

You pick 6 courses from either the HSC Suite or the SEB Suite (see below).You get access for one year, one school, up to 100 users. The cost to you is $295 (For your reference, one course like the COVID-19: Fast Facts  course — is normally $195 per year for 150 users.). We will touch base with you for regular feedback on the courses and the system. At the end of the year, you choose whether you want to continue with the program.

No auto-renew. No other obligation.

Health, Safety & Compliance (HSC) Suite

COVID-19: Fast Facts for Schools

New Infection Control Practices 

Food Allergies & Anaphylaxis

Student Confidentiality (FERPA & HIPPA)

Asthma, Diabetes & Epilepsy

Bloodborne Pathogens

Bloodborne Pathogens Early Childhood 

First Aid for Schools


Administering Medications to Students

Sexual Harassment

Social, Emotional & Behavioral (SEB) Suite

Wired Differently: Helping Students with Mental Wellness Challenges

Suicide Prevention

Lost Boys

Responsibility-Centered School Culture

Disruptive Behavior Disorders

Anxiety in the Classroom

Engaging the Traumatized Student

Executive Function Skills

ACEs-Informed Schools

Positive Behavioral Supports for Students Who Are Wired Differently

Responsibility-Centered Discipline (RCD) Suite

If you are concerned that discipline just might be an issue as students return to the classroom after 5 months of self-management, then you may be interested in the supportive approach advocated in the Responsibility-Centered Discipline Suite, which will be available shortly.

Implementing RCD

Closing the Exits

Building a Responsibility-Centered Culture

Level 2 & 3 Behaviors


Course Suites

Social, Emotional & Behavioral Suite

Health, Safety and Compliance Suite

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