“Oppositioning” – How to Move Beyond Boundaries: David Rendall

Innovation in the classroom is often stymied bc Ts don’t want to depart from doing the “right thing.” ISS Las Vegas Keynoter Dr. David Rendall saysl “moving “outside the box” requires Ts to realize that the opposite of the “right thing” is not necessarily the “wrong thing.”

Watch David Rendall explain how the “oppositioning” method can help freshen an educator’s perspective.

Rendall suggests that his oppositioning method will help Ts find unconventional approaches that can help lessons stand out & produce breakthrough ideas. “You’ll go from conventional to unforgettable to unstoppable.”

Rendall is an author, neurodiversity thought leader and previous Summit crowd favorite. He will deliver the closing session entitled Funny for a Change: Using Humor to Create Serious Transformation in Las Vegas.



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