Here Comes the Digital SAT

Here Comes the Digital SAT

As SAT season kicks off, students across the United States for the first time will take it with computers and tablets, according to Education Slice. The digital SAT’s launch comes as its administrator, the College Board, and backers of standardized tests, hope to win over schools and critics who are skeptical of its place in college admissions.

The COVID-19 pandemic canceled a full SAT testing season and intensified longstanding questions about the exams. Recently, a small number of highly selective colleges, including Dartmouth and Brown, announced they would resume requiring SAT or ACT scores. They say the tests allow them to identify promising students who might otherwise be overlooked.

While critics say the SAT and the alternative ACT are biased toward better-resourced, high-income students, supporters say they remain the best tool for predicting success in college.

About 1.9 million students in the class of 2023 took the SAT at least once, up from 1.7 million in 2022.

Education Slice

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