Handwashing Video Clip to Prevent COVID-19 — Available at No Charge

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Handwashing is an absolutely critical component of an effective Infection Control program – whether teachers and students are working from home… or back in school.  But to be effective, handwashing must be done correctly.

At home or at school, if students don’t wash hands correctly, it may not help with COVID-19.

Please share this video clip with your students, teachers, administrators and support staff with our permission.  AccuTrain wants to help schools prevent the spread of the Novel Coronavirus.

The handwashing video clip is taken from AccuTrain’s just-released New Infection Control Practices for SchoolsAccuTrain is also making this 10-minute program available to schools and districts online for 3 months for up to 300 users AT NO CHARGE.  This program will be provided on the AccuTrain On-Demand system and enables schools to track who has been trained and be able to document it.  This training will be provided completely without obligation, and there is no auto-renew.


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