The Las Vegas Summit will feature the School Discipline Conference, the School Climate & Culture Forum, the Wired Differently Conference, the Innovative Teaching Strategies Conference and the NextGen School Safety Conference.

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The Atlanta Summit will feature the following National Conferences: School Discipline, Girl Bullying & EmpowermentAt-Risk & Struggling Students, Boy Brains & Engagement and the Teaching Strategies & Resources.


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How can you teach the non-academic elements that drive student success?

“In today’s assessment-driven culture, we often forget that there are non-academic elements that significantly impact students’ ability to thrive,” says Shea Quraishi. “When I began teaching, I had a degree in psychology with a focus on child development, but little idea of how that applied to the classroom. Only through a great deal of study – and even more trial and error – did I realize that teaching students how to manage their emotions and how to forge successful relationships could be systematic, purposeful and driven by research.

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