Dr. Pedro Noguera: Enabling Deeper Learning

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Learning depends on engagement, which Dr. Pedro Noguera says is multidimensional. “It’s not simply about whether the kids are present and doing the work; that’s the behavioral part. But there’s also the cognitive part—how deeply do they understand the work? How much can they connect what they’re doing on one project to other things they’ve learned or to what they’ll have to learn next? And third, there’s the emotional part. How much do they actually care about what they’re doing? How invested are they? We all work harder when we have a passion for what we’re doing.”

Watch Dr. Pedro Noguera explain why it is so critical for educators to create opportunities for Deeper Learning for students.

Sociologist, author and Dean of USC Rossier School of Education, Dr. Pedro Noguera will present a plenary session entitled Motivating, Engaging and Empowering Students to Learn at the Innovative Teaching Strategies Conference in Las Vegas in July.


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