Building Transformational Classrooms Through a Better Together Mindset 


Building Transformational Classrooms Through a Better Together Mindset Request a Quote Strategies for developing culture, systems and leadership The vision of any school likely commits to serving “all kids.”  But the reality of our current climate of distraction, disruption and marginalization often prohibits the realization of this vision.  This on-site training examines the biology of…

Overcoming the Poverty Mindset & Teaching Optimism


Overcoming the Poverty Mindset & Teaching Optimism Request a Quote Empower students to build resiliency and achieve success Schools serving low-income, marginalized communities tend to face similar and pervasive issues resulting from poverty. And, with the high levels of anxiety, fear and isolation that the pandemic has fostered, students in these communities are especially vulnerable….

Lost Boys


Lost Boys: Closing the Academic Gender Gap Request a Quote Strategies to help boys excel in school and beyond Boys are more likely to drop out of school, and make up only 43 percent of college students. Millions of boys are being lost along the path to academic success and career achievement in today’s knowledge…

Girl Drama


Girl Drama: Best Practices to Reduce Relational Aggression, Cyberbullying & Emotional Violence Request a Quote Learn prevention strategies based on the latest brain research The focus of this one-day training workshop is to provide educators specific strategies, activities and insights that can be used to confront and avoid girl drama and relational aggression. Based upon…