B.A.S.I.C. - Building a Sustainable Instructional Core


Distinguished administrator, international speaker and transformational leader Dr. Ronald Gonzalez explains how to build a sustainable instructional core that prioritizes instruction and students so that learning takes place.

Training Modules:
Intro | Ground Work | The Why | Rigor | Non-Negotiables | Social Emotional
Learning | Reaching and Learning | Informed Goal Setting | Leading the Way |

About the Instructor

Dr. Ronald Gonzalez has led transformation efforts at Mount Vernon High School in the New York City metro area for the past 11 years. His leadership has resulted in improvements in student performance, staff stability and community outcomes. He attributes much of his success to building systems, developing teacher talent and using student voice as an agent of change. Dr. Gonzalez’ doctoral research focused on the impact of seat time for Black and economically disadvantaged students. At Mount Vernon, he has led the expansion of career programs including culinary arts, barbering and certified nursing assistant.
Based upon his belief in equity and access. Dr. Gonzalez successfully implemented the International Baccalaureate program with open enrollment for all students.