Wired Differently

Current studies show approximately 20 percent of students in today’s classrooms are diagnosable for a mental health issue. And, there is evidence that beyond this number, another 16 percent are borderline for meeting criteria for a mental health label. That means as many as one in three students in any teacher’s class may have mental health issues leading to emotional and behavioral challenges.

These issues run the gamut from Acting In disorders like Asperger’s Syndrome to Acting Out disorders like Oppositional Defiant Disorder. Teachers, counselors, administrators and other school personnel must be given tools to get the most out of this high-potential, neuro-diverse group of students. Unfortunately, these issues can be undiagnosed and are easily misunderstood – and may be responded to as simple discipline issues. Disorganization, perfectionism, trouble dealing with change and performance and testing anxiety are a few of the behaviors exhibited by kids who are wired differently. Traditional discipline methods may well backfire with students who are not neuro-typical, leading to disruptive outbursts and other undesirable behaviors.

With emphasis on school climate transformation and academic success, no school can afford to have staff that is untrained on the latest techniques for reaching and teaching this group of children. Once a common level of understanding and a common set of practices are employed, schools benefit from a safer environment where violent outbursts are less likely, a healthier school climate where all students feel safe and respected as well as happier, less frustrated teachers.

The Wired Differently training program provides five keys to working with students who do not have the capacity to handle the normal pressures, stresses, conflicts and expectations of everyday life. Get an overview of the most common disorders and how each manifests itself in classroom behaviors. Discover why traditional methods of dealing with these behaviors are not beneficial and why a consistent, teamwork approach to students who are wired differently is a must.

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