Why Don’t We See More Critical Thinking in Our Students? Dr. Daniel Willingham

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“Critical thinking is not a set of skills that can be deployed at any time, in any context. It is a type of thought that even 3-year-olds can engage in — and even trained scientists can fail in.” According to keynoter Dr. Daniel Willingham, teaching students how to think critically involves helping them engage in the right type of thinking at the right time.

Watch Dr. Daniel Willingham explore why thinking critically can be so difficult.

Dr. Willingham is a Professor of Psychology and popular author of Why Don’t Students Like School?  He will deliver a keynote session entitled Teaching Students to Teach Themselves: Helping Students Learn More Efficiently at the Innovative Teaching Strategies Conference in Las Vegas in July. He will also present a featured session entitled Why Don’t Students Like School?: Five Laws of Cognition Every Teacher Should Know.


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