When Positive Feedback Backfires – Mike Paget

When Positive Feedback Backfires – Mike Paget







With some defiant students, Author Mike Paget says, positive reinforcement has its limitations.







Watch Mike Paget share insights on giving positive feedback to defiant students.

A national speaker, consultant and author who has helped educators throughout North America work with various types of challenging students, Mike Paget will deliver a 3-hour pre-conference session in both Atlanta and Las Vegas entitled Positive Behavioral Supports with Students Who Are Wired Differently. He will also be presenting other sessions in both locations.

Now in its 7th year, the School Discipline Conference is a must-attend gathering for principals, deans, teachers and counselors focused on improving academic performance by applying the most current innovations and research to behavior intervention and classroom management. Special focus will be given to supportive, non-exclusionary disciplinary practices.