Using the “Hand Model” of the Brain to Help Students Self-Regulate — Jessica Sinarski; Virtual Summit 3/26


Learning loss due to COVID shutdowns has become a huge concern for educators and parents.  Early results suggest that students have fallen 1-5 months behind in math and 1-3 months behind in English.  The data continues to be collected, but unfortunately the problem is still growing.  For at-risk students and minorities, the problem appears to be worse — and studies of a recent Asia shutdown suggest that disadvantaged students could fall even further behind.  This important Summit will feature thought leaders Dr. Pedro Noguera, Dr. John Almarode and Larry Thompson.  It will be laser-focused on providing real-world strategies for helping all students recover from “the COVID slide.”  

Watch Jessica Sinarski share insights on using Dr. Dan Siegel’s “Hand Model” of the brain to help trauma-impacted students develop self-awareness and improve self-regulation in stressful situations.

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