Tips to Prevail Over an Active Shooter: Vaughn Baker

NextGen School Safety Keynoter Vaughn Baker says that knowledge is power to prevail against a violent intruder. But he warns that the natural response to a violent intruder is often completely at odds with what one needs to do to survive. Without training, educators have often:

  • Run toward the sound of gunfire to confirm that the threat was real
  • Engaged in “normalcy bias” – denying that they’re under attack despite overwhelming evidence
  • Frozen instead of taking fundamental actions such as locking a door.

Watch Vaughn Baker share tips on how to survive an active shooter situation.

Vaughn is president of Strategos International whose training received 4.9/5.0 stars by one of the divisions of the Department of Homeland Security — the highest rating ever given to a school intruder response program. A former SWAT team member who won a number of awards, he will present a keynote session entitled When Lockdown Fails! – A Non-Linear Approach Model in Las Vegas.


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