Student Kryptonite vs. Fuel for Power Struggles: Brian Mendler

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Do you have kids that love to argue?  School Discipline Keynoter Brian Mendler challenges educators to try his best advice for disarming oppositional students. “Try it for a day and see what happens.”

Watch Brian Mendler share his #1 strategy for defusing oppositional students.

Brian is a certified elementary and special education teacher with extensive experience working with challenging students in a variety of settings. In his training sessions and books, he draws on his own experience as a very disruptive student with severe undiagnosed ADHD and reading difficulties. Brian will conduct several sessions in Orlando.

The At-Risk & Struggling Students Conference focuses on evidence-based programs and strategies educators can use to prevent dropouts and to help students succeed. Historically, more than 1.2 million students in the United States and Canada drop out of high school each year (with the percentages heavily skewed toward males, low-income and minority students). Without intervention, the COVID Crisis is certain to make those numbers skyrocket. This conference provides valuable insights and proven strategies for reaching those students who are most vulnerable.


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