A safer school begins with stronger personal awareness.
SafeStart offers practical techniques to keep staff alert to risk all day, every day.
It’s easy to implement. And, most importantly, it works

The SafeStart program is used in thousands of workplaces around the world to reduce the most common “states” (rushing, frustration, fatigue etc.) and errors that lead to falls, crashes, injuries and even fatalities.

K-12 schools would seem to be pretty safe places to work, but statistics show that K-12 staff members are actually more likely to be hurt on the job than the construction workers who built the school.

SafeStart is a global leader in teaching personal safety skills. It has been proven to reduce injuries by 50 percent – on average – with more than 3 million people, at more than 10,000 sites, in more than 60 countries, in all types of environments.

The common elements in the majority of all incidents and injuries are human factors—states like rushing, frustration, fatigue and complacency that lead to errors like eyes not on task, mind not on task, being in the line-of- re, or losing balance, traction or grip.

One of the keys to the success of SafeStart is the universally applicable set of error-reducing skills that people can relate to, practice and rely on in any situation—at work, at home, on the road, or at school.


Implementing the SafeStart Process is enabling participating schools to reduce injuries and to send students and staff home safely.

Implementing SafeStart to Reduce Incidents & Injuries

SafeStart teaches Critical Error Reduction Techniques (CERTs) that are delivered in a classroom setting in five Core 90-minute Training Sessions.

These four states...


...can cause these four errors which affect safety and performance.


Core Training Units

Unit 1: Introduction & Overview

Unit 2: Eyes on Task; Mind on Task

Unit 4: Rushing, Frustration, Fatigue, Complacency

Unit 5: Critical Error Reduction Techniques, Taking SafeStart Home

The first two Core Training Sessions are typically delivered by a Master SafeStart Trainer. The remaining three sessions can either be delivered by a Master Trainer or by a school district’s own Certified Trainers, who have been prepared for this responsibility by the Master Trainer. It is recommended that the nal three sessions be delivered over a period of several weeks to increase absorption.

Each SafeStart session consists of video exercises, storytelling, group discussion and Workbook exercises. Trainees receive a SafeStart Binder that includes the ve Workbooks, as well as a set of SafeStart Home DVDs.

The SafeStart Steering Committee, which usually includes staff with varying responsibilities, is a critical component in the success of the program. Each member of the Steering Committee receives a separate Steering Committee Binder.

After the Core Training is completed, six Extended Application Units are available to help drive sustained improvement safety awareness and performance.

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