Rejecting “At-Risk” Labels: Ron Clark’s “Outside-the-Box” Methods For Achieving Student Success

Academic failure & frustration, ongoing disciplinary problems, impulsive behavior and truancy issues don’t have to be automatic strikes against students. Powerhouse educator Ron Clark’s methods of engagement have produced some of the nation’s top students, 99% of which graduate college.

Watch Ron Clark share his philosophy on facilitating success in all students – regardless of skill level or background.

“America’s Educator,” New York Times Bestselling Author and founder of the highly-acclaimed Ron Clark Academy, Ron will open the Innovative Schools Summit Atlanta in June. Here are a few reviews from attendees of Ron’s presentations from around the country:

Ron Clark is able to captivate an audience unlike anyone I’ve ever heard before.  I watched an audience of 650 sit spellbound as he shared his struggles and triumphs as an educator.  Anyone who hears him will feel rejuvenated and inspired.
Executive Director
Georgia Department of Education
We couldn’t have asked for a more inspiring, energizing, relevant opening to our school year.  He is an authentic role model for educational leadership, and he speaks with an amazing authority and command of what really happens in today’s schools.
Chief of Staff
Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools
Bringing Ron Clark to speak to nearly 900 teachers was like passing out mega doses of B-12.  All of our teachers raved about his presentation and left inspired and rejuvenated.  Thank you, Ron, for inspiring other educators to step outside their comfort zone and take teaching and learning to the next level.


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