Establishing Culturally Sensitive Learning Environments – Baruti Kafele

As the pressures of the pandemic intersect with other current historic events, Baruti Kafele reminds educators that all students must be able to relate with the content on a personal level.

Author of multiple books, Principal Kafele will keynote the June Virtual Summit on Saturday, June 27 at 8:30 am Eastern Time.  He recently shared this perspective in a recent blog article:

“The times dictate that Social Justice Education is an inherent part of the teaching and learning process across all disciplines…Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies, etc. What is Social Justice Education (SJE)? For me, it’s simple. SJE is the ongoing student-centered exploration, examination, assessment, critique and analysis of the world upon which your students exist…the world around them relative to their relationship with it and how they fit into it relative to issues of social justice (and injustices) and overall systemic, institutional and individual racism (unconscious, implicit or explicit)…So what does this all have to do with school leadership? EVERYTHING. It requires leadership…strong leadership…purpose-driven leadership…visionary leadership…courageous leadership…passionate leadership to ensure that Social Justice Education occurs in all schools toward educating the “whole child.”


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