Reaching the Amygdala of the Traumatized Brain: Jessica Sinarski

Jessica Sinarski is a certified adoption therapist, clinical supervisor, author and educator who brings important insights to the realm of attachment issues and early trauma — an area with scarce support resources available to parents and teachers. She is an author and thought-leader in connecting neuroscience with practice in adult-child relationships. Her areas of expertise include trauma-informed care, child development and brain-based practices. She will be presenting a session entitled Bravery Redefined: Celebrating Strength to Foster Success in Atlanta. #traumainformed #fostercareawareness #booksthatheal #bravebrains #edchat #TherapyHelped #traumasensitive #traumainvested #fosteringresilientlearners

Watch Jessica Sinarski share brain-based tips for working with students who have experienced early trauma


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