Building Cultural Diversity and Effective Communication with Students

This on-site training workshop give educators strategies to educate, activate and motivate all students to be successful through Cultural Diversity. Many educators’ perceptions have become their reality. Therefore, they continue to fail their students


During this interactive workshop educators and administrators will learn the four mediating factors

germane to educator expectations along with strategies to appropriately handle behavior problems with troubled students. Educators will receive four tips to managing biases, tools to build positive relationships with students and strategies and techniques that have been proven to work in school districts around the U.S. Attendees will receive one of the best techniques to handle conflict with students – that has been proven to work! Participants will be challenged to self-evaluate their teaching techniques including their thought process to assist in the success of their students. Come and engage in this fun, interactive workshop and receive tools you can use right away.


Building Cultural Diversity and Effective Communication with Students Presenter

Robert Jackson

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Robert Jackson

*In case of an emergency, another qualified presenter will substitute

Robert Jackson is the author of Becoming the Educator They Need: Mindsets, Strategies and Beliefs for Supporting Male Black and Latino Students – winner of the ASCD Gold Excel Award. He is also the author of The No More Excuses Curriculum featuring No More Excuses: Black Men Stand Up!, No More Excuses: The Workbook, No More Excuses: Solutions to Educating Black and Latino Males and No More Excuses: Put a Stop to Bullying. A national speaker and consultant, Robert works to reverse the dropout rates of black and Latino males and to create positive change in school systems across the country and abroad. His goal is to bridge the gap between teachers, parents, administrators and students.

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