Working with Students: Discipline Strategies for the Classroom

It’s your classroom, here’s how to manage it for success. Whether you’re a beginning teacher or a seasoned vet, classroom discipline is an everyday issue that leads to stress or to satisfaction, depending on how the day goes. This powerful little guide will help you get a handle on your classroom management and you won’t have to take a leave of absence to learn how to do it. You’ll discover how to handle student bullies, perfectionists, entertainers and others; respond effectively to the various types of parenting; set rules and guidelines for behaviors and consequences; reduce inappropriate behaviors like harassment, cursing, threats, and more; recognize and control your use of voice” to improve communication; dramatically improve student performance with one simple formula.

In a concise and easy to use format, there’s something here for everyone. Some teachers will find the sections on dealing with individual students and their behaviors most helpful. Others will love the procedures for streamlining daily activities. Still, others will appreciate the suggestions for giving students their own management tools. And beyond your particular area of interest, you’ll learn a proven system that works, not only with your classroom but also with your school at large. It’s invaluable!

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