Why Do I Hurt Myself by Susan Bowman

Recent research has shown that an average of eight percent of children as young as third graders are engaging in self-injuring behaviors. This book provides a first-of-its-kind, story-based tool for helping these young people.

Elisa, a sixth grader, has started purposely hurting herself. No one understands why she wants to do these things, not even her mother. When her self-injuring becomes more noticeable, a teacher takes her to speak with the school counselor. Elisa eventually is helped by the counselor and by a therapist, with her mother involved.

With support, Elisa learns about self-injury and how to use more healthy ways to deal with her sad feelings and negative thinking.” Included is Elisas story, discussion questions, tips for parents and the following eight hands-on activities:
My Butterfly
Comfort Kit
My Feelings Wall
Hope Floats
I Am Able
Healthy Coping Chart
32 pages

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