When All Else Fails by Tom Carr

This resource is a realistic practical no non-sense book full of fresh unique ideas to help today’s teachers deal with disruptive students. Although the book has a serious tone you will find it to be a very enjoyable read. It is sprinkled with poems, short stories, mottoes, affirmations, checklists and valuable reproducibles.


Learn about the ‘Wandering Tattler’; ‘Bully Box’; ‘The Worry Wall’; ‘The Unteachables’; ‘Soothing Stones’; and the ‘Use of Mnemonics’. Students will love the stories of ‘The Listening Skulls’ and ‘Booker T. Washington’s Most Valuable Lesson’. The book ends with an in-depth description of the Back-Up unit which is a program based on a ten-year study that helped one school decrease discipline problems by nearly 80%.
Warning: A few teachers may find some of the strategies a bit extreme…..use your best judgement!

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