Closing the Exits Off the Road to Responsibility





Can responsibility be taught? How can educators move from “making” students behave to helping students learn self-management? This is a major, but necessary, paradigm shift – moving from enforcement to a focus on student growth and providing essential life skills. Many students will grasp for any available path to avoid taking responsibility. Do some of the following excuses sound familiar?

“I didn’t know”
“No one told me that”
“I’ve done it before and no one cared”
“She/he just doesn’t like me”
“Other kids were doing it too”

These excuses all represent common “exits” that students take o the “Road to Responsibility.”

In this timely 90-minute WebRemix, author Larry Thompson will discuss how traditional discipline practices actually allow students to continue using those exits to avoid responsibility. He will also share six essential practices that will close those exits and help students learn self-management.
These six essential practices include:
Benefits for Changing Behavior» Clear Expectations Emotional Control Consistency Leadership in Challenging Moments Response-Ability As a former principal, special needs teacher, regular ed teacher and coach, Mr. Thompson will discuss Responsibility-Centered strategies that will help teachers and administrators keep students in class – and help students learn and grow in the process.

About the Presenter
Former National Principal of the Year candidate Larry Thompson is a nationally known speaker and school consultant. He is the developer of the Responsibility-Centered Discipline program which helps professional educators to increase student compliance with core beliefs and guidelines, while requiring them to take personal ownership of their actions. It emphasizes specific skills and practices that help school personnel to deal effectively with student-behavior scenarios.

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