Building a Responsibility-Centered Culture

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Discover The Most Important Component for Building a Positive Culture in Your School – Relationships

Student-to-teacher, teacher-to-teacher, teacher-to-administrator, administrator-to-student – all of these are critical to a healthy environment where everyone feels heard and valued.

In this WebRemix, presenter Larry Thompson, M.Ed. will illustrate how the culture in a school can become toxic when students are allowed to shirk responsibility for their actions and lay the blame on teachers. Educators may then be at odds with administrators as the students are returned to the classroom with no apparent resolution. Teachers don’t feel supported, administrators are overwhelmed and turnover may be high.

Larry explains how the pyramid of responsibility is built on relationships between student, teacher and administrator. Viewers will learn how critical consistency is and how it can help not only with classroom management but also with calibrating office referrals. When students understand expectations and teachers help them accept responsibility when there is a breakdown, office referrals are reduced. But, when there are referrals, the administrator should continue the process of coaching students to accept responsibility for their actions. With a foundation of clearly stated expectations, practice of guided conversations and training in handling challenging moments, school culture becomes healthy and robust!

About the Presenter
Former National Principal of the Year candidate Larry Thompson is a nationally known speaker and school consultant. He is the developer of the Responsibility-Centered Discipline program which helps professional educators to increase student compliance with core beliefs and guidelines, while requiring them to take personal ownership of their actions. It emphasizes specific skills and practices that help school personnel to deal effectively with student-behavior scenarios.

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